Kiln Guest FAQ

Can anyone rent a kiln?

Kiln hosts decide who can rent their kilns! Contact any you’re interested in renting from to find out their criteria.

How do I find a kiln near me?

There are two ways to find a kiln near you – search with the directory or view the interactive map!

If I want to rent a kiln, do I contact Bullseye Glass?

Bullseye offers kiln rentals from our Resource Centers on KilnSpace! But unless you’re contacting us through one of our listings, you’ll be contacting kiln owners directly. Go to the page of the kiln you’d like to rent and click the “CONTACT” button to send an inquiry.

What kind of projects can I make?

As each kiln varies in features and size, you’ll want to reach out to the owner of the kiln you are interested in to discuss your project.

Kiln Host FAQ

Can anyone list a kiln for rental?

People listing a kiln must be at least 18 years old, legally own the kiln, and use their kilns for firing Bullseye Glass.

How do I list my kiln?

The first step is to sign up as a user on the site if you haven’t already. Second, create your host studio listing by filling out the form. Third, head over to our List a Kiln page and fill out all the details requested there. One of our team members will review your submissions and once approved, your kiln will be listed as available!

Can you help me with pricing kiln rentals and studio guidelines?

Our best advice is to look at other studios in your region, consider the services and pricing they offer, and decide if your pricing should be or needs to be higher or lower. There can be good reasons to set pricing at different levels, but in general, if you are getting started as a kiln host, you probably don’t want to come in higher than other studios in your region. For an example of studio policies and pricing in Portland Oregon, see Bullseye Glass Resource Center’s Open Studio Guide for customers: https://www.bullseyeglass.com/wp-content/uploads/open_studio_RCPDX.pdf

Are there any limits to how much or little I can charge to rent my kiln?

Not at all! The kiln belongs to you, so you get to decide how much, or little, you want to charge others to use it.

General FAQ

What is glass fusing?

Fusing is the joining together of separate glasses through the application of heat within a kiln. Many people use the terms “fusing” and “kilnforming” interchangeably. Bullseye Glass offers a wealth of educational options to learn more.

Can I contact Bullseye Glass if I have questions?

If you have general questions about KilnSpace or Bullseye Glass, by all means, contact us. If you have questions about a specific kiln, use the CONTACT button on the kiln’s page to reach out to the owner.

Where can I purchase a kiln?

We recommend the fine folks at Kiln Frog if you’re looking to purchase a new kiln. They can help you choose the best option. And you can use the code BULLSEYE DISCOUNT for $20 off a single purchase!

Who should I contact if I have a problem?

If you have a problem using the site, please contact us.

If you have a problem with a kiln listing, you should use the CONTACT button on the listing page to reach the kiln owner directly.