Terms of Use

A selection of underpressure plate in a kiln.

Welcome to KilnSpace! Whether you’re here as a user wanting to rent some time on someone else’s kiln or a kiln owner wanting to rent out some time on your kiln, we are pleased to have created this site for you. We hope it supports your exploration of glass as an art, a craft, a hobby, a community—or perhaps even as a business.

What is KilnSpace?

KilnSpace is a directory, plain and simple. It’s a hub for people interested in glass fusing. Some people have kilns they’re happy to rent limited access. Some people have work they can’t complete without access to a kiln. KilnSpace helps introduce the two. Kiln rentees win. Kiln renters win. The whole fused glass community wins. (So. Much. Winning.)


As a database, KilnSpace exists to build and maintain a pool of interested users and providers. We do so through our intake process and our monitoring of KilnSpace profiles. But that is all KilnSpace can do. As a free database, we maintain no affiliation with users or providers; we receive no money for enabling this access; and we possess no authority over any engagement between our users. Naturally, then, we assume no responsibility for any aspect of all engagements between KilnSpace users.


As a user of the meeting space, all decisions and responsibilities related to your kiln-sharing experience fall to you. The price you would ask for kiln time, the price you would pay, how to provide a satisfying experience, how to judge the likelihood of a kiln working well for your project—these are all matters decided and processed by each respective user of KilnSpace.

For a more technical articulation of this disclaimer, make sure to review our Terms page. And if you have any questions or comments about KilnSpace, we’d love to hear from you.

As a condition to continued access to KilnSpace, all users are required to use Bullseye Glass as the provider of fused glass for all kiln use engagements that result from connecting on this site.


WELCOME TO KILNSPACE (“KS”). We’re so glad you’re here. This website serves current and would-be glass fusers by providing a free directory for users and providers of glass kilns. By accessing this site and interacting with it in any way, you accept the status of USER and agree to the following Terms of Use (“TOU”):

  • 1. KilnSpace is solely a community directory. As such, users accept full responsibility for engagements and/or transactions they participate in that have any association with KS.
  • 2. KilnSpace hosts are required to use Bullseye glass in their studios. Users are expected to use Bullseye glass in their projects.
  • 3. Although KS strives to maintain the highest level of integrity in the information it offers, users assume full and final responsibility for confirming the veracity of all information received on KS, as well as any risks to either party engendered by the site’s use.
  • 4. As a directory, KS does not control the persons, kilns, services, or information it posts. KS, therefore, cannot be held responsible for any complaints, disputes, damages, etc, by either party that may occur from Kiln use.
  • 5. Pricing, services, communications, accommodations, and all variables associated with kiln rentals, their listings, their premises, and their performance, are the sole responsibility of the Users. Likewise, all Users assume sole responsibility for choosing to engage with each other.
  • 6. KS offers its services “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” and comes with no promises or obligations as to its completeness, accuracy, availability, propriety, security, performance, or duration.

Anyone accessing or using KS as the representative of a business certifies that a) they accept this TOU on behalf of that business, and that b) they’re authorized to do so. Anyone who does not agree to the TOU is not authorized to use KS. Because KS maintains the right to change the TOU at any time without announcement or consultation, users accept responsibility for regularly reviewing the TOU.


Read our Privacy Policy to learn how we use personal information collected on this site.